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What is an apprenticeship?

Back in the good old days of the Renaissance, apprenticeships were quite common and acted as legal contracts between the apprentice and master. This was a way for apprentices to start learning the necessary skills in their field and eventually become masters themselves.

The number of American apprentices has increased from 375,000 in 2014 to 500,000 in 2016, while the federal government intends to see 750,000 by 2019, particularly by expanding the apprenticeship model to include roles in information technology.

Find an apprenticeship

8th Light

8th Light is a software consultancy that is passionate about crafting beautiful and durable software products.

London, UK

Accenture is a global professional services company providing a range of strategy, consulting, digital, technology & operations services and solutions.

London, UK Newcastle, UK Warwick, UK
Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy is a training program for women and gender diverse people who want to become software developers.

Seattle, WA
Adobe Digital Academy

Adobe Digital Academy offers nontraditional candidates the education and, contingent upon technical performance, the experience they need to launch successful careers in web development.

San Francisco, CA Salt Lake City, UT

Apprenti provides a proven, reliable pipeline for underrepresented groups such as minorities, women, and veterans to gain training, certification, and placement within the talent-hungry tech industry.

Seattle, WA Detroit, MI Bend, OR Eugene, OR Columbus, OH Herndon, VA
Apprentice Brigade

Apprentice Brigade operates a registered technology apprenticeship program covering IT and software development, curating quality talent on the Central Coast of California.

Santa Cruz, CA

Atomic Accelerator is a professional development program for recent computer science grads.

Grand Rapids, MI Ann Arbor, MI
Clique Studios

Clique Studios is a design and engineering agency whose program trains apprentices with the skills necessary to get a role as a junior full-stack engineer at a small company or agency.

Chicago, IL

CoverMyMeds is a healthcare software company that enables providers, pharmacists and their staff to fill out prior authorization (PA) requests electronically.

Columbus, OH
Detroit Labs

The Detroit Labs Apprenticeship Program is a three-month immersive training experience in software development, mobile development, and quality assurance engineering.

Detroit, MI

DevMynd is a software development and user experience consultancy with a passion for crafting quality solutions.

Chicago, IL San Francisco, CA
Dropbox IGNITE

Dropbox IGNITE is an apprenticeship program geared towards professionals with non-traditional software engineering backgrounds who are looking to start or re-start their professional career.

San Francisco, CA
Fresh Tilled Soil

Fresh Tilled Soil's apprentices are taught UX fundamentals and given a chance to specialize in one of three areas: UI design, front-end development, or strategy.

Watertown, MA

Gaslight's DevBuilders apprentice program is designed to match client companies looking to build a development team with enthusiastic, high aptitude beginning developers.

Cincinnati, Ohio
GitHub Octoprenticeships

Octoprenticeships are six-month career development programs for people with non-traditional technical backgrounds from underrepresented groups in tech.

Greater Sum

Greater Sumer is a software consultancy whose program accepts individuals with a wide range of experience.

Atlanta, GA

The Hashrocket apprenticeship is a six–month salaried program designed to take candidates with some professional software development experience and turn them into software consultants.

Chicago, IL Jacksonville Beach, FL

HolidayCheck's apprenticeship targets people with little professional experience and teams them up with an experienced Software Crafter for a period of six months.

Bottighofe, CH

If This Then That, also known as IFTTT, is a free web-based service to connect all your apps and devices into one "applet".

San Francisco, CA
Intrepid Pursuits

Intrepid’s Apprentice Program is an immersive, full-time 12-week training program that spans several disciplines: Project Management, Experience Design, iOS, Android and Web development.

Cambridge, MA New York, NY

Intuit's Apprenticeship program was launched to help diversify talent and create a pathway for those with untraditional backgrounds.

San Diego, CA
IQ Foundry

IQ Foundry is a marketing agency that designs and develops digital media including custom apps and feature-rich websites.

Madison, WI

LaunchCode is a non-profit organization that works with hundreds of companies to set up paid apprenticeships in technology for talented people who lack traditional credentials.

St. Louis, Missouri

LEAP Engineering Acceleration Program (LEAP) is an immersive, 16-week program providing real-world experience through development and project management for individuals with non-traditional backgrounds or are returning to the workforce.

Redmond, WA
LinkedIn Reach

REACH is a multi-year, rotational program where individuals with non-traditional backgrounds rotate through various levels of technical roles at the company.

Sunnyvale, CA
MAXX Potential

MAXX Potential is a technology consulting firm that focuses on finding a growing tech talent.

Richmond, VA

Moove-it is a software consultancy whose program comprises extensive hands-on activities led by a Moove-it developer.

Austin, TX
NeoMam Studios

NeoMam Studios is a content marketing agency that creates stunning visual content for its clients.

Manchester, UK
Pillar Technology

Pillar is a technology consulting whose apprenticeship program is designed to create high-performing consultants and leaders for Pillar.

Ann Arbor, MI

Pinterest's apprentice program focuses on hiring engineers from non-traditional backgrounds who are comfortable with basic programming principles.

San Francisco, CA

Praxis is an intensive 12-month apprenticeship program for those who are entrepreneurial young people that want real-world career experience and a rigorous, self-directed educational experience.

Austin, TX Atlanta, GA Phoenix, AZ Charleston, SC Pittsburgh, PA Chicago, IL Salt Lake City, UT

The RoleModel program is a year-long apprenticeship designed to turn bootcamp and college grads into solid developers.

Holly Springs, NC

Sainsbury's offers a two-year structured apprenticeship programme for individuals who love the idea of working in the fast-paced retail world.

London, UK
Social Tables

Social Tables is a global SaaS company offering a 3-month paid program targeting new developers without on the job work experience with the potential of a full-time offer to join the engineering team.

Washington, DC

Sparkbox is a web design and development firm with a focus on creating web experiences that embody response web design principles.

Dayton, OH

The Spotify NYC Technology Fellowship is aimed at helping engineers just starting their careers in tech and provides an opportunity to work within a team and build upon current skills.

New York, NY
Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow's Web Developer Apprentice is an 11-week apprenticeship program where you'll work directly alongside a developer mentor on a real product team. Rather than doing independent "intern" projects that may not ever ship, as an apprentice you'll work with your mentor to learn, review, debug, and ship features to real users. You'll also work collaboratively with other members of the team, including other developers, designers, and product managers.

New York, NY

Subvisual is a web design and development firm that offers a ten-week program with design or development tracks.

Braga, PT
Table XI

Table XI is a digital design and development consulting firm that uses software consulting to power positive change.

Chicago, IL

Techtonica offers six-month tech apprenticeships with living stipends and laptops to women and non-binary adults with low incomes, then place graduates with sponsor companies for at least three months of full-time work.

San Francisco, CA
Think Company

From day one, you’ll be a full member of our experienced, cross-functional teams doing hands-on development and QA work on both internal and client projects. You'll receive mentoring and coaching from your coworkers, plus we’ll work with you to develop a personalized training plan. By the time you're done the apprenticeship, you'll be ready to develop and test pattern libraries, full-stack web applications, and JavaScript single-page applications.

Philadelphia, PA

Thoughtbot offers a 3-12 month apprenticeship for product designers or software engineers to be trained by mentors in order to become permanent employees at the organization by the end of the apprenticeship.

London, UK
Twilio Hatch

The apprenticeship, known as Hatch, is a six-month program which aims to equip individuals having non-traditional technical backgrounds with industry experience in designing, developing, and delivering production-ready software systems.

San Francisco, CA

During Upstatement's 6-month program you’ll collaborate with creative directors, designers, and technologists to provide support across multiple project teams as you build the experience needed to take on increasingly challenging assignments.

Boston, MA

The Viget apprenticeship is a 10-week, paid training program designed to accelerate your career in user experience, visual design, engineering, or project management.

Washington, DC Durham, NC Boulder, CO

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